※Multiple Swithching-Single client

Preparation work:Made Account Archives

1.game mode->custom funticon
2.run mode->Multiple Swithching
3.Multiple account->single client
4.Run NO.->from 1 to your needs
5.Single client->Account archive group
6.Set up functions that need to be turned on, such as planting, selling, etc.
7.Start up

※Account archiving-How to Make Account Archives

Preparation work:hayday manager or other ways to log in game

1.Login game
2.GAME MODE->Account archives
3.Set up the archive group, number, name of the archive
4.Click Save
5.Click 继续
6.Login another game
7.Opening the game chat interface
8.Repeat operation 3-5
9.After saving all the archives, click 退出